Ray Engineering is a 4th generation family business serving the steam production and power generating industry in New England since 1907. Our experienced sales and engineering staff support a variety of quality equipment and services. As Factory Representatives for many quality products, our goal is to provide the best product at the best value, and insure customer satisfaction. We will be pleased to assist you in answering your questions and solving your technical challenges.

Ray Engineering – Line Card


  • Bottom-ash and Fly-ash Systems
  • Hydraulic, Submerged-chain, & Pneumatic ash handling
  • Magaldi – Dry bottom ash conveying system
  • Aftermarket Parts and Field Service
  • Field Service

Arcor Epoxy Technologies

  • Designer and manufacturer of specialty coatings
  • Epoxy coatings with outstanding chemical resistance, durability, low porosity and strong bond strength.
  • Turn key installation available
  • Field Service

Braden Manufacturing LLC.

  • Air Filtration Systems & Inlet Cooling/Heating
  • Silencing, Exhaust & Inlet Ductwork
  • Diverter Dampers, Bypass Stacks, & Expansion Joints
  • CO & SCR Catalyst Systems & Diffusers & Plenums
  • Field Service

COCHRANE by newterra

  • Deaerators (DA) – Servicing Crane, Cochrane, Belco, and Chicago Heater
  • Water Treatment – RO’s, Softeners, Polishers, Media filters
  • Dealkalizing, & Demineralization
  • Waste water reclaim and recycle systems
  • Field Service


  • Engineered and Custom heavy duty fans
  • Mechanical dust collectors
  • Formerly Zurn Air Systems
  • Field Service

Diamond Controls & Diagnostics

  • Boiler imaging systems for monitoring and diagnostics
  • FEGT Monitors, Boiler tube heat flux sensors
  • SentrySeries™Intelligent Sootblowing Controls

Diamond Power Specialty Co.

  • Sootblowers and Hydrojet cleaning equipment
  • Instrument based controls to optimize cleaning levels
  • SentrySeriesTM Sootblower Controls
  • Aftermarket Parts for most popular blowers and Field Service
  • System Evaluation and walkdowns
  • Field Service


  • Evaptech, Inc. – Wet Cooling towers, New, Rebuilds, and Parts
  • Evapco BLCT ACC’s – Air Cooled Condensers
  • Field Service

Flexitallic Gasket Company

  • Spiral wound gaskets for piping, man & handholes, & bonnets
  • Non-asbestos sheet materials & cut gaskets
  • Thermiculite Universal sheet material 1800˚F Chemically resistant
  • Graphite sheet materials, cut gaskets, & tape
  • Sigma (PTFE/Teflon) sheet materials & joint sealant
  • Jacketed, flat & corrugated metal, & ring joints

Edward Valves / Flowserve

  • Forged steel gates, globes, & check valves- ¼” to 4”, 600 to 4500psi.
  • Cast steel gates, globes, & check valves – 2½” & up, 300 to 4500psi.
  • High-pressure drain valves, PressurCombo
  • Continuous blow down valves
  • Field Service

HBE Engineering

  • Automatic recirculation valves for centrifugal pump min. flow protection


  • Hydraulic Bolt Torque and Tensioning equipment
  • Portable Machining Equipment for pipe cutting & beveling, line boring, flange facing, and pipe isolation
  • Other Services include Leak Detection, Nut Splitting, Leak Prevention
  • Equipment for sale, rent, repair, or provided with Turnkey Services
  • Field Service


  • Pneumatic Conveying, Storage & Reclaiming
  • Wood Hogs & Wood chip thickness screening and processing
  • Division of Terra Source Global
  • Field Service


  • Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Welded, Gasketed, & Brazed
  • Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Service centers for cleaning, testing, and re-gasketing PHE’s
  • Field Service


  • Roll Crushers, Hammermills, Jaw Crushers, Grinding Mills
  • Bradford Breakers, Impactors, Sizers, Granulators, Cage Mills
  • Posimetric Displacement Feeders
  • Field Service


  • Gas Turbine Supercharger
  • TurboPHASE™ technology increases GT capacity from 10% to 20% depending on application

SPX Heat Transfer

  • Yuba – feedwater heaters & large shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Ecolaire – condensers
  • Balcke-Dürr – Air Preheaters & MSR’s


  • Anhydrous & Aqueous Ammonia Systems
  • Urea to Ammonia (U2A) systems
  • Natural Gas conversion skids
  • *NEW* Ammonia on Demand (AOD) for up to 100 lb/hr Urea to Ammonia systems
  • DeNox Direct – High Purity and Industrial grade UREA for SCR and SNCR

Ray Engineering Represents the following products

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ASH Handling Equip

Plate & Frame Heat Exch

Epoxy Coatings

Biomass Handling Eq

Posimetric Feeders

Urea to Ammonia (U2A)

Flange Resurfacing

Flange Resurfacing


Forge Valves

Sootblower Controls

Feedwater Heaters

Air Cooled Heat Exch

Gas Turbine Exhaust Sys

Biomass Hogs


Aqueous & Anhydrous Sys

Pipe Cutting & Beveling



Cast Valves

Boiler Cameras



Finned Tube Heat Exch

Gas Turbine Inlet Systems

Biomass Screens

Multi-cyclone Collectors

Natural Gas Conv. Skids

Water Treatment

Cooling Towers (Wet)

Auto Recirculating Valves

Boiler Temp Monitors

Shell & Tube Heat Exch

Air Preheaters

Gas Turbine Inlet Filters


Gas Turbine Superchargers

Hydraulic Torque & Tens.

Reverse Osmosis

Air Cooled Condenser (Dry)

Epoxy Coatings for Challenging Applications

Concrete Floor Repair – 36h

All Sizes of Tanks

Heat Exchangers

Ductwork & Baghouses